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Visit Tinkles’ childhood home where the screams of his victims still echo throughout the halls. His victims can still be found hiding within, but who are they hiding from? Playing Hide and Seek in this house, doesn’t end well.


After spending most of his adolescence in the Vox Sanitarium, Tinkles returns to take over the crazy asylum. It seems things haven’t changed since he left; the staff are still experimenting on patients. This time, Tinkles’ joins in on the fun! Will you make it through the asylum without being admitted?


The Immortuos Manikin Factory may be condemned, but the gears inside are still turning. Tinkles’ family has moved in and lives among the rusted metal and exposed wires. The building may be unsafe, but the family will keep you safe….we promise.


After years of dumping toxic sludge into the swamps behind the Immortous Manikin Factory, something isn’t quite right. At night, growls and snarls can be heard echoing throughout the swamp. Tread lightly as you traverse the shacks and graveyards of the backwoods. You never know what lurks in the shadows. Luckily, Tinkles’ is looking for a new pet.


Step right up and enter the Tinkles Family Circus. Win a prize at one of the midway games, or enjoy a snack at one of the food booths. The big top is filled with freaks ready to entertain your darkest desires. Enter the fun house at your own risk; there’s no telling who occupies the winding halls. Tinkles never wants you to leave the greatest show on earth.