Exhume your fears!

Enter the decaying halls of the Hemlock family estate and discover if the rumors are true. Is it really haunted? Traverse the bowels of the estate and discover the dark secrets that lay within the crumbling walls.

Creatures of the undead are exhumed to bring your most mortal fears to life!


Fill Your Prescription for Fear!

You're at the Vox Sanitarium, where the patients run the madhouse. Are the voices you hear the screams of the doctors or are they simply in your head? Your treatment of pain and torture awaits you.

Will you escape with your sanity or will it derange your mind forever?

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Survive the Night Shift!

Clock in for the night shift at the Immortuos Mannequin Factory and uncover the sinister secrets that drive the cogs and gears of this once landmark factory of the Midwest. The assembly line may be shut down, but the factory is still very much alive with the echoes of the factories morbid history.

Will you survive your shift?


Succumb to Lagaroo's Spell!

In the depths of the Louisiana swampland there are whispers of a secret voodoo cult. Living in the shadows, the Lougarou and his devotees are plotting to unleash their curse on the inhabitants of the bayou.

Will you succumb to the spell of the Lougarou or will you escape the swamp with your life?